I’ve had encounters with NYC ever since I can remember – in books, TV shows & movies. Despite this, nothing quite prepared me for the experience of actually being in the city for the first time and alone. The feeling of being in a place you’ve seen in another world before & finally, you became part of it.

Whilst part of me was worried about my safety of travelling alone in a city I’ve never been, of all the stereotypes, it’s also my adventurous spirit that won’t allow me to miss the chance of going off the path – to push me to encounter the unexpected thoughts, unfamiliar scenes & being completely lost in the chaos of an unfamiliar city. And of course, those people who believe in me that I can make it know matter how bad I am with directions.

So here I come New York – I spent a gruelling 15 hours in transit (from Montréal to Toronto via Newark and Manhattan to Brooklyn ). It was, needless to say, worth the trek. Right when I got off the bus from Newark at Fifth Avenue, and that moment, all my fears were replaced by excitement.  I stayed at the Lefferts Manor BnB, The Rose Room. I love everything about this house. It’s somewhere you can relax after a long day. The kitchenette’s just my favourite & a perfect spot to have some chai tea latte, sit by the window and just wonder ‘what’s life in this city’.

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Instead of me doing a regular write up of my 5 short but epic nights in this city, I’m presenting you ‘the highlights of my trip’. To kick it off, I’ll start with:

TIME SQUARE  or “The Crossroads of The World”

Everyone knows how crazy this place is. It’s just one of the busiest place I’ve ever been so far. Non-stop movement everywhere. There’s always something’s going on. From the gigantic billboards everywhere, the colourful lights day and nights, street performers & so forth. Tho I can’t stand crowds, I managed to stay for awhile & enjoy the time square vibe, cherish the moment they say. I sat myself right in the middle, had some pretzel (not my favourite), had hotdog sandwich and just enjoyed being an observer.

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An afternoon glimpse of this known and one of the oldest suspension bridges of the United States to end my day. I took my time to walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It was so huddled nonstop, from the people & cyclist. But then to witnessed the sunset here’s just one of the best part of my day.

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And of course . . . Shake Shack after that actually ends my day.



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I got a glimpse of the fourth largest library in the world, the New York Public Library. It is undeniably awe-inspiring that definitely took my breath away with its soaring arches, vaulted ceiling and wonderful murals & the chandeliers are spectacular.

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Bryant park or the Manhattan’s Town Square. It’s beside the NYPL, its one of my favourite parts in this city. It has one of the most beautiful canopy of trees in the entire metropolis, surrounded by iconic skyscrapers and surrounded by people who also didn’t care about anything except that exact moment. I love how this park’s full of exciting events – there’s these tabletop games, art sections, the reading corner, outdoor cafe’s & the list goes on. According to the Bryant website, thousands of nature-starved office workers come here and stretch-out, and I won’t wonder why.


And of course I didn’t missed the Grand Central Stn right after seeing Central Park.


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What a trip to remember! And what a city. An exciting, eye opener and exhausting experience. If you think of it, it’s quite scary to just go in a place you’ve never been before or any idea or know someone. But it turns out that it’s one of the greatest happened to me for awhile . . . . always allow yourself to be scared because when  you conquer that fear, its the best feeling ever. As always, I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to discover another place, and I look forward to see this city again one day.

Also, I love how I got to do everything alone. Finding my way, walking alone & no rush, doing my own itinerary, taking my time to take tons of photos, choosing where to dine & stuff that I don’t do all the time on my own. Sometimes its not just all about arriving your destination but the experience & the things happens along the way.




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